What Should I Know About National Home Improvement Month?

Date May 12, 2022

May of 2002 brought in the formation of the month-long holiday, National Home Improvement Month. It was developed by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (or NARI) with the help of the U.S. Congress. The holiday is meant to spark more home improvement transformations, as well as help homeowners find contracting professionals more easily....


How Important Is A Battery Backup For My Sump Pump?

Date May 6, 2022

A battery backup for your sump pump is crucial for a number of reasons. These reasons include how important it is to prevent flooding in your home, why you should have one installed, and what to do if your pump fails. This purpose of this article is to answer all of your sump pump related...


A Closer Look At The Anatomy Of A French Drain | Basement Masters

Date April 8, 2022

Professionally installed French Drains can be made to look like elegant additions to your yard after all the work is done. If working ideally, they should contribute to both improved drainage efforts and a more beautiful landscape on your home’s property. What lies underneath the top of your soil is more purposefully crafted than you...

Categories: Exterior Waterproofing


Is Your Downspout Causing Water In Basement Walls?

Date March 2, 2022

One of the essential things you can do to safeguard the value of your house (and the conditions inside that affect your family’s health!) is to get water out of your basement and resolve the underlying problem or problems that are causing it to get inside. A damp basement not only feels and smells bad,...


Create A Waterproofing System Maintenance Plan For Long Lasting Results

Date January 4, 2022

While proper waterproofing installation is the initial step in protecting your house from water leak damage, rising damp, and expensive heating expenses, preventative maintenance is equally critical. Having your structure waterproofed will not be adequate all by itself for securing your property and your finances.  You must ensure that your waterproofing and insulation systems are...


How and When to Best Perform Your Waterproofing Systems Maintenance

Date December 7, 2021

Regular maintenance of your waterproofing products is extremely important to prevent malfunction and to prolong their life. Some times of year, like winter or spring for example, create a lot of excess moisture for your home to have to deal with. Taking precautions during the more dry times to perform your waterproofing systems maintenance can...


How Weather Can Affect Your Basement in Virginia

Date November 4, 2021

The state of Virginia has one of the most diverse climates in the whole United States. Virginia has five different regions with five different climates: Tidewater, Piedmont, Northern Virginia, Western Mountain, and the Southwestern Mountain regions. Some areas never really get temperatures down below zero, while there are some mountain areas that have bitter cold...


Poor Yard Drainage after Heavy Rains? Exterior Drainage Services Virginia & Maryland

Date October 19, 2021

Are you struggling with a yard that holds water every time there is heavy rainfall? Waterlogged yards are an inconvenience to homeowners for several reasons. After recent heavy rains, Basement Masters Waterproofing received many calls from Virginia and Maryland homeowners because of wet basements and crawl spaces. This is often due to poor yard drainage...


Does Water Cause Foundation Damage? What To Look For

Date October 15, 2021

Water damage may not be a top priority when it comes to finding some in the home you own, however, it is never welcome news to hear that your home’s structure has been compromised by it! Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of the signs of how water cause foundation damage. The severity of water damage...


Channel Drain Installation for Front and Back Yard Drainage Solutions

Date October 8, 2021

Winter is fast approaching, and that means plenty more water intrusion will be daunting with all of the melting snow. If you already have some water spots, cracks, or other signs of water intruding into your home, this time of year might already have you on edge. Now would be a great time to consider...

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