May of 2002 brought in the formation of the month-long holiday, National Home Improvement Month. It was developed by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (or NARI) with the help of the U.S. Congress. The holiday is meant to spark more home improvement transformations, as well as help homeowners find contracting professionals more easily. Additionally, homeowners are encouraged to learn more about the quality of their homes and become more able to identify the problem signs that could ultimately cause severe damage or lead to other, even bigger problems.

How Home Renovation and Maintenance Is Important

A remodel or repair of your home is an important investment. Like any other home improvement investment, however, the result requires some maintenance. Picture this, a full 66% of homeowner occupied residential homes were built before 1980, while 38% of it was built before 1970. This means there are many older homes that will need a repair, an update, or renovation at some point during the time it is being lived in. Now what is the best way to go about this?

For help with where to start, you can utilize the Tool Kit from the National Association of Home Builders (or the NAHB). Inside is a multiple-step guide complete with templates for home improvement projects. Some radio programs, like the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Cape Cod, have allocated a spot for offering professional advice during this time. Aside from a website being created for the toolkit, the NAHB has also made available some resources for helping the pro remodeler. As always, you can take advantage of a no-hassle estimate from our team of waterproofing professionals here at Basement Masters Waterproofing.

How You Can Help Ensure A Successful Remodel

After deciding which remodeling options are most important, it is then imperative to decide on a budget for them. Always consider that home improvement projects take time, and planning ahead for the cost is the easiest way to achieve success. A realistic budget that takes the products and services you both need and want into account will help. If there are plans to change the structure, layout, or plumbing systems of the home, a permit will be required from the local building authorities in your area. Things are made much easier during the home improvement process when working with professional contractors.

Making a choice on a professional remodeler or any other type of contractor for your home is not a task one would call easy. Some home improvement venues like shows or events make it possible to meet local contractors, and they are not always the best sources for conducting an interview with them. They can provide a homeowner with the resources to learn more about a variety of relevant companies and services.

Another benefit of attending a show or other event is to learn more about the home improvement processes themselves or simply ask questions. Working together with a licensed and credible professional when making an investment in your home is crucial for gaining a clear understanding of the work that will be done, how the work will be done, and what it will do to help increase the quality of life in your home.

Directly visiting the worksite of a potential contractor in your area can be a good way to learn even more about the company itself. You may want to ask for references and simply observe how they are conducting their work together. Does it seem they communicate clearly with their team members? Is their work site clean? Have they have previous experience with similar projects as yours? Another way to vet their reputation is to check on the reviews and testimonials online to see if others claim that they provide services that are trustworthy.


You can take this May to celebrate the home improvement industry by working with a contractor before National Home Improvement Month is over. Whether your needs are complex or limited, a process can be used to successfully improve your home from a small change to a huge overhaul of your house. As a precaution for avoiding getting ripped off, you will want to work with a company that has an excellent reputation with other homeowners.

Any of their licensing or certification information and business history should be able to be accessed publicly. On top of licensing, a professional home improvement specialist should effortlessly provide a reference or proof of insurance if asked. One of the best kinds of experiences to ask about is whether or not they have experience working with different types of homes.

Don’t let this holiday fly by without taking the time to consider the needs for your home as a homeowner! Increase the quality of life for your family one step at a time with helpful home improvement projects, whether they are big or small. You can visit our website to learn how to identify the most common signs of intruding moisture in your home that happen all across the U.S. every day and how they slowly destroy the integrity of your home. Are you ready to take a jump? Give us a call today at (571) 371-0675 and schedule a no-hassle evaluation of your property to determine your level of need for a waterproofing system either inside or outside the home.

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