Why Wet Basements and Crawl Spaces are a Problem in Virginia

Date May 17, 2022

Why is my Virginia Basement Wet? The state of Virginia experiences higher than average precipitation annually and is one of the top 6 states most at risk of flooding. Flooding and excess moisture generate a host of problems for homeowners, most notably inflicting water damage in basements and crawl spaces. Flooding in basements and crawl...


Top Solutions to Wet Basement Problems That Work

Date December 21, 2021

Ideas for Solving Wet Basement Problems A wet basement can be a real headache. Not only does it feel and smell musty, but it also makes the space practically unusable, even for storage. Basement moisture encourages the growth of mold and can ruin the floors, walls, and ceilings in your home. It also detracts from...


Things to Consider before Adding Living Space to a Basement

Date December 16, 2021

Have you thought about finishing your basement and adding living space – an extra bedroom and bath, a home office, a media room, or even an apartment? There are many reasons why other families in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland have improved their basements. A blog on the Basement Masters Waterproofing website, Seven Fabulous Uses...


I Have a Wet Basement or Crawl Space in Northern Virginia, What Now?

Date November 9, 2021

What Does a Wet Basement or Wet Crawl Space Mean for Your Home? Have you experienced a wet basement or crawl space in your home and worried about the damage that is being done? Basements and crawl spaces can become wet due to a number of reasons such as: Surface water coming down foundation walls...


How Weather Can Affect Your Basement in Virginia

Date November 4, 2021

The state of Virginia has one of the most diverse climates in the whole United States. Virginia has five different regions with five different climates: Tidewater, Piedmont, Northern Virginia, Western Mountain, and the Southwestern Mountain regions. Some areas never really get temperatures down below zero, while there are some mountain areas that have bitter cold...


Water Can Damage Your Home’s Foundation

Date September 16, 2021

Water damage may not be a priority when it comes to homeownership, however, it’s never welcome news to hear that your home’s structure has been compromised by it. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of the signs of water damage. The severity of it can progress until the problem becomes extremely costly.  Like most people, your...


Can You Waterproof Your Basement in the Winter?

Date December 28, 2018

Yes! You Can Waterproof A Basement In The Winter! If you live in Warrenton, Front Royal, Ashburn, VA, or any of the surrounding areas in Northern Virginia you may be thinking that the window for waterproofing your basement has passed until April. The truth is there is never a bad time for basement waterproofing. Even...


Preventing Mold Growth in the Winter

Date December 30, 2017

Mold prevention during the winter months can be difficult. As temperatures drop and precipitation increases, people tend to close up their homes, trapping heat inside to stay warm. However, this has the capacity to create and trap moisture in the home. Excess Moisture Poses Danger The primary cause of mold growth is moisture. When moisture...


Care and Maintenance of Your Waterproofing Products: It’s Up to You

Date September 27, 2017

How to Take Care of Your Waterproofing Products It’s very important, and it is your responsibility, to take care of your installed waterproofing products. Maintaining your system is very much like taking care of your car. If you don’t keep it clean and perform required maintenance, it can fall into disrepair. To make sure your...

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