Create-A-Waterproofing-System-Maintenance-PlanWhile proper waterproofing installation is the initial step in protecting your house from water leak damage, rising damp, and expensive heating expenses, preventative maintenance is equally critical. Having your structure waterproofed will not be adequate all by itself for securing your property and your finances. 

You must ensure that your waterproofing and insulation systems are carefully tested regularly. Any problems that arise are addressed promptly to avoid the problem developing and increasing repair expense.

Here are some crucial things you need to know about waterproofing system maintenance:

Preventative maintenance should be performed at least every four months. That is three times a year. It involves clearing out gutters to ensure that water is adequately directed away from your home. If you are inspecting any vegetation that has grown too close to your home, look for damage caused by its roots or by blowing against your roof. 

Keep an eye on the building’s condition at all times. If you notice any tell-tale indicators of a leak or moisture, act as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary and costly damage.

Watch out for the following warning signs:

  • Water stains or wet areas on interior/exterior walls, or mold forming on the ceiling or walls
  • Watermarks or damp areas on interior/exterior walls, as well as mold growth on the ceiling or walls
  • Higher heating expenditures can also indicate that your home is losing energy/heat due to defective or inadequate waterproofing and insulation.

If you want high-quality waterproofing systems that require little waterproofing system maintenance, request a site evaluation with professionals who can determine how effective your current waterproofing is, where problem areas exist, and what must be done to improve the waterproofing situation.

Basement Masters Waterproofing consistently provides dependable client service and installation. Contact us today at (571) 371-0959 for a free evaluation and you’ll never have to worry about flooding in your basement again with professional waterproofing system maintenance! Our goal is to install your internal waterproofing system as quickly as possible so you can get back to your normal life.


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