Channel-Drain-Installation-For-Yard-Drainage-SolutionsWinter is fast approaching, and that means plenty more water intrusion will be daunting with all of the melting snow. If you already have some water spots, cracks, or other signs of water intruding into your home, this time of year might already have you on edge. Now would be a great time to consider any drainage issues and call your local drainage specialists to help with your yard may and also prevent your lawn from becoming one big mucky water hole.

The problem can be compounded if your yard does not have much of a slope to it. The water won’t have an easy time of leaving the property in this case, and rather than hiring an excavation company to create a slope out of your yard, a much more reasonable and efficient option that will last for years to come is available to you.

Your local waterproofing and drainage specialists at Basement Masters Waterproofing will gladly perform a channel drain installation system in your front or back yard to keep water flowing away from crucial areas of your landscaping or home foundation and keep things in tip-top shape. We will explain below how a channel drain installation works.

The top side of a channel drain is perforated, which means that it has a series of small holes running down its length. When the pipe is laid down into the small trench made in the yard, the holes are positioned to face upward. This is because, when it rains, water usually travels down a particular pathway, say, down a driveway or divot along your yard, and collects in a trench. By placing a channel drain into the same trench the water makes, your yard can be saved from further erosion. Alternatively, a channel drain can be placed in an entirely new trench our team creates to divert the water somewhere else entirely.

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