Basement-Masters-Waterproofing-Anatomy-Of-A-French-DrainProfessionally installed French Drains can be made to look like elegant additions to your yard after all the work is done. If working ideally, they should contribute to both improved drainage efforts and a more beautiful landscape on your home’s property. What lies underneath the top of your soil is more purposefully crafted than you might have thought. 

French drains are made to serve several purposes beyond how attractive they can look in your yard- read on below to see a more thorough take on the anatomy of a french drain. 

Designed to drain away water that would otherwise accumulate into large puddles (or standing water), they are built within low-lying or below-grade areas. It is important to assess the shape and levels of your yard before contracting out a french drain installation service. (If you don’t know the best way to go about doing this, you can consult your local professionals at Basement Masters Waterproofing for a comprehensive consultation.)

A French Drain has the highest chance of being effective when properly installed on the lower side of a slope. Your yard can come in a different shape and size than the home that sits just before yours, yet it a french drain professional can still fit a system for it! Superior tools and industry techniques make it possible to create a solution for all situations!

To begin with, a trench is dug for a course of where to lay down the drainage materials. Typically, the anatomy of a french drain is as follows:

  • The bottom of the trench is lined with river rock.
  • Perforated piping is laid along the bottom of the trench.
  • Additional river rock is piled in the trench until it is filled. 
  • High-quality landscaping is layered on top of the aggregate to protect the drain from becoming clogged with foreign materials. 
  • Any remaining space is filled with the previously displaced soil until the process is complete. 

Another style of French drain is made of a boxed structure that prevents any plant growth like roots inside that will disrupt the drainage. No matter what yard drainage needs you request, there is a French drain solution for the problem!

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