How-Does-Water-Cause-Foundation-DamageWater damage may not be a top priority when it comes to finding some in the home you own, however, it is never welcome news to hear that your home’s structure has been compromised by it! Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of the signs of how water cause foundation damage. The severity of water damage can progress until the problem becomes extremely costly. Like most people, your home is probably one of your biggest investments. Having peace of mind that your home is protected from water damage is crucial. This is especially true here in Northern Virginia where the effects of record rainfalls have been wreaking havoc on unprepared homeowners. Let the experts at Basement Masters Waterproofing educate you on how to protect your investment from costly water damage repairs.

Water damage and Your Foundation

When water hits the ground, it soaks into the earth’s surface. In some geographical areas, the earth’s surface contains soils comprised of clay minerals. These clay minerals are expansive and, therefore, absorb water. When these soils become saturated, they expand, increasing in volume.
A home that has been built in an area with expansive soil is susceptible to how water cause foundation damage. This damage occurs when surface water collecting around the foundation of the home is absorbed into the soil and exerts a force on the foundation. Equally, expansive soils shrink when dry. This shrinkage can remove structural support from the home. Without having a water management system in place, over time these changes can result in significant and costly foundation damage.

Water Damage and Wall Cracks

With an increase in exerted force on a foundation, over time its walls become weakened. As a result, cracks form in the basement walls. These cracks allow water to enter the basement. If the problem is not fixed, the cracks will enlarge and the walls will eventually begin to shift. When this happens, the home’s foundation becomes unstable. Waiting to fix foundation problems creates serious structural issues and significant financial loss to property owners.

Water Damage and Plumbing Leaks

A leaky or ruptured plumbing line may not seem like an urgent source of concern. But when they are located within or below your home’s foundation, you may quickly find yourself experiencing foundation damage. That’s because they provide a constant source of water which is likely to fast-track the rate of foundation damage by generating foundation cracks and possibly triggering leakage into your basement. Fundamentally, a leaky plumbing line may degrade the structural integrity of your home’s foundation.

Water Damage and Erosion

Underground springs or rainwater can gradually erode the soil that supports your home’s foundation, resulting in foundation settlement. This is not something that you can easily notice at first. At least not until the problem becomes more severe. Some of the signs of foundation settlement that you should look out for include tilting chimneys, drywall cracks, uneven floors, sinking, and doors and windows that don’t close properly.

Signs of foundation damage caused by water

Establishing whether your foundation is water damaged or not is pretty easy provided you know what signs to look out for. It’s worth noting that more often than not, foundation damage stemming from water issues occurs gradually. Hence, it’s important to remain vigilant to avoid costly damage. So what signs should you watch out for? Here they are:

● Mold or Mildew
● Foundation cracks
● Moisture or dampness
● Wall discoloration
● Musty smell

Basement Masters Waterproofing Can Help!

Homes that have water cause foundation damage and require services from an expert in waterproofing and foundation repair. The highly skilled professionals at Basement Masters Waterproofing have the experience and knowledge to fix your home right the first time. If you want help from a company comprised of reliable and trustworthy experts who will treat your home like theirs, call Basement Masters Waterproofing today at (571) 371-0675!

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