How Can I Know When My Bowing Basement Walls Need Repair?

Date April 19, 2022

Have you noticed any anomalies on the edges of the foundation walls that show signs of sloping or bending? This is a common occurrence in Maryland & Northern Virginia homes and throughout the country. Whether basement walls are bent from waterlogging or freezing, it is vital to repair them before they continue to collapse. The...


Can I Do Anything About My Bowing Basement Walls?

Date April 16, 2022

Bending or bowing basement walls indicate a severe foundation collapse condition. When this happens, the walls deform, bending inwards towards the basement living area. This problem is caused by the weakening of the basement walls due to a combination of pressure and vertical or horizontal cracking. Bowing basement walls can be covered in water stains,...


Foundation Wall Crack Solutions Services in Virginia | Basement Masters Waterproofing

Date March 3, 2022

Crack Repair in Virginia At Basement Masters Waterproofing, we perform foundation crack repairs on a daily basis. In Virginia, the climate constantly changes. These changes affect the ground, causing soil-related issues. After a period of time, you may notice your home gradually changing. Doors may be misaligned. Windows may be hard to shut. The floors...


Waterproofing Terminology 101

Date December 14, 2021

Glossary of Common Basement Waterproofing Terminology Are you familiar with basement waterproofing? Do you know what it means? If you haven’t heard of waterproofing, then you are probably unaware of water damage and the importance of a dry basement. Before you call your waterproofing contractor in Virginia, read our waterproofing terminology so you can make...


Will Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?

Date August 24, 2021

Will Insurance Cover Foundation Repair? When foundation problems arise, we know how challenging it can be to navigate through the next steps of ensuring that your home receives the proper solution at a price you can afford. Trying to figure out if your insurance covers your foundation repair can be tricky. But fortunately, there are...


How Does Moisture Cause Foundation Failure?

Date August 20, 2021

Most homeowners will probably ignore standing water in their homes because they don’t give much thought to how water affects their homes. Not until, that is, they start developing issues such as cracks in the floors and walls, leaks, and mold growth.   All is not lost though, for with some fundamental knowledge of how...


Basement Waterproofing in Virginia and Maryland

Date June 2, 2017

Basement Waterproofing in Virginia and Maryland How Does Water Enter Basements in Virginia and Maryland? Basement waterproofing is a common need in Virginia and Maryland because they are located along the East Coast and are susceptible to tropical storms. These storms produce heavy rain and cause water to settle around and beneath your home’s foundation,...


We Updated Our Website!

Date February 15, 2016

Find our Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Services Easily! We have updated our website! We want to make it super easy for our customers to find what they are looking for. We also have expanded our service area into Maryland including the cities of Accokeek, Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Maryland City, Potomac, Rockville, and Silver Spring, as well...


Common Foundation Problems We See in Northern Virginia

Date May 29, 2015

Northern Virginia Foundation Repair Options For homeowners in Northern Virginia, it is quite common to discover foundation problems such as sinking foundations and floor cracks. These are issues that might even cause water problems in your home. Much of the time, the problems that occur in your foundation are related to the concrete that makes...


Don’t Ignore Foundation Cracks

Date August 15, 2013

Foundation Crack Repair Virginia Cracks happen to every foundation. Vertical and angled cracks are usually caused by settlement and shrinkage of the concrete around your home. Some of these cracks are made from outside forces pushing on the foundation. Horizontal cracks can cause more damage to your foundation. Basement Masters Waterproofing will come to your...

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