Northern Virginia Foundation Repair Options

For homeowners in Northern Virginia, it is quite common to discover foundation problems such as sinking foundations and floor cracks. These are issues that might even cause water problems in your home. Much of the time, the problems that occur in your foundation are related to the concrete that makes up your foundation absorbing surrounding water or shifting due to changes in the soil. If there is too much water in the soil around your home, it could lead to an increase in the hydrostatic pressure. This can cause the foundation to sink, shift, or become cracked. It can even lead to water infiltration, which not only causes wet basements, but also weakens the concrete.

Northern Virginia Foundation Repair for Common Problems

If the foundation of your Northern Virginia home has become unstable, contact the foundation repair team at Basement Masters Waterproofing today. We have the solutions that you need to solve common foundation problems like:

These are problems that may result from foundation failure. Any of these issues in your home indicates a need for Northern Virginia foundation repair solutions from the expert team at Basement Masters Waterproofing right away.

Northern Virginia Foundation Repair Solutions for Your Home

Northern Virginia Foundation Repair Solutions from Basement MastersWhich foundation repair solution that we use for your home depends on the type of failure you are dealing with. If you have a sinking foundation, our solution of choice is most likely the installation of underpinning piers. These steel devices work to take the weight of the structure off of the unstable, sinking ground and transfer that weight to deeper layers of soil and rock that will not shift. Once the building’s weight is transferred, the foundation can be lifted and re-leveled.

For bowing and leaning foundation walls, we use wall anchors or carbon fiber strips. Wall anchors utilize an anchor in the ground and a rod that attaches to the basement wall. Working together, these components pull the wall back into place. For bowing walls that have developed cracks, carbon fiber strips can be applied. The carbon fiber offers added strength to support the wall while closing the crack.

Cracks can also be sealed using an epoxy injection. This epoxy material is injected into the cracks to bind the faces back together and seal out any moisture that may seep through the crack.

These are some of the Northern Virginia foundation repair solutions that we provide for your common foundation problems. Contact us now to find the right solution for your home.

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