Image of cracked drain depicting how moisture can cause foundation failureMost homeowners will probably ignore standing water in their homes because they don’t give much thought to how water affects their homes. Not until, that is, they start developing issues such as cracks in the floors and walls, leaks, and mold growth.


All is not lost though, for with some fundamental knowledge of how moisture causes foundation failure, it will be easy to prevent further damage. It is also possible to avoid any issues that could arise from water damage in the future. Prevention is the best way of preserving your building’s structural integrity and making sure your home remains a safe haven for your family.


The biggest issue with water comes from the force it exerts as it expands and contracts. The anomalous expansion of water means that it doesn’t need to freeze to exert pressure on the structure of your home. For instance, a large amount of water in the soil around your house will cause it to expand, while very little water will cause it to contract.


In both cases, this pressure is exerted on your foundation whether it is pushing or pulling. Likewise, freeze-thaw action will cause water to get into small cracks of your foundation, and the expansions and contraction will cause the structure to break down from directly inside the infiltrated walls.


Most moisture problems are created from poor drainage, heavy rains and storms, extended droughts, earthquakes, plumbing leaks, bad workmanship during construction, and sometimes the effects of tree roots! The roots may expand into the foundation, destabilizing them or also breaking them down in an effect similar to the freeze-thaw action. Additionally, extended dry seasons can make the foundation sill contract, causing your foundation to move. Over time these types of exertion will cause your foundation to degrade.


To prevent foundation damage, having professionals like Basement Masters Waterproofing do periodic checks on the foundation, drainage systems, and concretes comes as highly recommended. Watering the foundation in dry areas and preventing the growth of vegetation too close to the foundation are also some of the remedial measures they can recommend.


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