Foundation Crack Repair Virginia

Cracks happen to every foundation. Vertical and angled cracks are usually caused by settlement and shrinkage of the concrete around your home. Some of these cracks are made from outside forces pushing on the foundation. Horizontal cracks can cause more damage to your foundation. Basement Masters Waterproofing will come to your home and look for the cause of the cracks and how serious they are. Next, a member of the crew will offer a solution. If you don’t implement foundation crack repairs, water will seep in, causing worse problems. Also, a bigger crack opens the possibility for rodents and other pests to find their way into your home.

One solution that is used on cracks by Basement Masters Waterproofing is epoxy injections. The mixture of epoxy resin and hardener is injected into the cracks of your walls. These injections work on wall and floor cracks. The epoxy injections are a fast and economical solution to protect your foundation from further damage. As the epoxy hardens, it reinforces the concrete structure. This process requires no exterior excavation which keeps the landscape you have around your home intact.

Carbon Fiber StrapCarbon fiber wall repair is another solution to cracks in the walls of your foundation. This sturdy crack repair is cost-effective and usually can be done in one day. Basement Masters Waterproofing of Virginia works with Emecole and Fortress Stabilization Systems using Carbon Fiber/Kevlar straps. This technology weaves carbon fibers and Kevlar strands to create a grid. This grid is stronger than steel for your bowing walls. The strap or grid lies flat against the wall keeping a low profile and can be covered with paint to keep the appearance of your space. It can be used at any time to stop further movement of blocks or concrete walls.

For foundation crack repair in Virginia, call Basement Masters Waterproofing for a no-cost evaluation. Your home is a very important investment to keep strong for years to come.

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