Why Wet Basements and Crawl Spaces are a Problem in Virginia

Date May 17, 2022

Why is my Virginia Basement Wet? The state of Virginia experiences higher than average precipitation annually and is one of the top 6 states most at risk of flooding. Flooding and excess moisture generate a host of problems for homeowners, most notably inflicting water damage in basements and crawl spaces. Flooding in basements and crawl...


Common Problems You Can Fix by Ordering Waterproofing Services

Date May 10, 2022

  The ability of residential and commercial buildings to stand the test of time depends on how well they are prepared for the factors that cause them to deteriorate. One very effective defense against these factors is a high-quality waterproofing system installation.    Having poorly installed or low-quality waterproofing is a recipe for future trouble....


Mold Growth In Your Home And How To Identify Mold Growth

Date April 26, 2022

Are you worried about the possibility of mold in your home? If so, you might be wondering what the signs of mold growth are. Read this article to learn about these signs and how to recognize mold. If you suspect mold, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to get rid of...


What Causes My Cupping Hardwood Floors?

Date April 22, 2022

If your hardwood flooring is beginning to cup, it’s essential to know why it’s happening. Here are three reasons why cupping may occur. Also, we’ll talk about how to prevent it and what you can do to fix it if it’s already begun. First, let’s look at the cause of cupping. Wood expands based on...


Why Concrete Walls Need A Vapor Barrier For Moisture Protection

Date April 12, 2022

Vapor Barrier For the Basements of Northern Virginia   If you live in Warrenton, Bealeton, Marshall, VA, or any of the surrounding areas of northern Virginia, you may be familiar with a wet basement. The addition of a vapor barrier for your crawlspace can save your home from crumbling from the ground up. Let’s dive...


How Does a Wet Basement or Wet Crawl Space Affect Your Home?

Date February 22, 2022

Wet Basements and Crawl Spaces Hazards Wet basements and crawl spaces are a problem for many homeowners in Virginia. If water seeps into your basement, it can cause damage to your personal possessions and can leave unsightly stains on your walls and floor. This is why many homeowners invest in interior drainage systems. Keeping water...


Waterproofing Terminology 101

Date December 14, 2021

Glossary of Common Basement Waterproofing Terminology Are you familiar with basement waterproofing? Do you know what it means? If you haven’t heard of waterproofing, then you are probably unaware of water damage and the importance of a dry basement. Before you call your waterproofing contractor in Virginia, read our waterproofing terminology so you can make...


I Have a Wet Basement or Crawl Space in Northern Virginia, What Now?

Date November 9, 2021

What Does a Wet Basement or Wet Crawl Space Mean for Your Home? Have you experienced a wet basement or crawl space in your home and worried about the damage that is being done? Basements and crawl spaces can become wet due to a number of reasons such as: Surface water coming down foundation walls...


Why You Might Get Water In The Basement And How To Prevent It

Date October 28, 2021

Wet Basements in Virginia Does your basement begin to flood during a heavy rainstorm? Does your basement have a mold or mildew odor? In Virginia, heavy rainfalls are frequent during spring. These heavy rainfalls can cause the walls of your basement to undergo heightened stress from hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure increases as the surrounding soil...


Curious About The Types of Mold Growing in Your Home? [Infographic]

Date September 2, 2021

As a homeowner, you know you have to be vigilant for problems in your home that could compromise your safety. However, one of the biggest problems facing homes is one that families often ignore: mold. As the weather grows warmer, storms become more frequent, and the humidity levels rise, it’s important to be on the...

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