Things to Consider before Adding Living Space to a Basement

Date December 16, 2021

Have you thought about finishing your basement and adding living space – an extra bedroom and bath, a home office, a media room, or even an apartment? There are many reasons why other families in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland have improved their basements. A blog on the Basement Masters Waterproofing website, Seven Fabulous Uses...


Does My Northern Virginia or Maryland Home Need A Sump Pump?

Date October 26, 2021

Basement Waterproofing for Virginia Although Northern Virginia is typically quite mild in terms of weather, it is sometimes known to receive a significant amount of rain in a very short amount of time. Installing a sump pump system can prevent events like this from costing you lots of money as well as causing you a...


The Solution to Water Seepage in Your Basement

Date September 9, 2021

Basement Water Seepage If a big storm doesn’t set off an alarm bell in your head, you likely have never experienced waking up the next morning to an inch or more of water in the basement. For those of us who have, it’s an extreme hassle. From cleaning up the water, setting out dehumidifiers, and...


Keep Your Sump Pump Working This Winter

Date September 7, 2021

It is important to have a working sump pump even in the winter. If your sump pump fails and the soil around your foundation thaws, it can give you a flooded basement. Basements usually don’t have much insulation, so they can be endangered by freezing temperatures. In addition to water from outside entering your home,...


Can You Waterproof Your Basement in the Winter?

Date December 28, 2018

Yes! You Can Waterproof A Basement In The Winter! If you live in Warrenton, Front Royal, Ashburn, VA, or any of the surrounding areas in Northern Virginia you may be thinking that the window for waterproofing your basement has passed until April. The truth is there is never a bad time for basement waterproofing. Even...


Basement Waterproofing in Virginia and Maryland

Date June 2, 2017

Basement Waterproofing in Virginia and Maryland How Does Water Enter Basements in Virginia and Maryland? Basement waterproofing is a common need in Virginia and Maryland because they are located along the East Coast and are susceptible to tropical storms. These storms produce heavy rain and cause water to settle around and beneath your home’s foundation,...


Angie’s List Recommends Basement Masters Waterproofing

Date March 31, 2017

Water in Your Basement after Heavy Rains? After last weekend’s heavy rains, many Richmond area homeowners are having problems with excess water in their basements. Heavy rainfall can produce a variety of problems in your basement: Leaking through cracks in the floor and walls Pools of water and flooding due to poor basement drainage and...


How to Protect your Northern Virginia Home Against Flash Flooding

Date October 6, 2015

Protect your Northern Virginia Home Against Flash Flooding In recent days, Northern Virginia was clobbered with some of the heaviest rain that Virginia has ever seen. This was a result of hurricane Joaquin that did not hit the East Coast, but caused torrential rain and major flooding. The governor even declared a state of emergency...

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