Crack Repair in Virginia

Epoxy injections for crack repair in VirginiaAt Basement Masters Waterproofing, we perform foundation crack repairs on a daily basis. In Virginia, the climate constantly changes. These changes affect the ground, causing soil-related issues. After a period of time, you may notice your home gradually changing. Doors may be misaligned. Windows may be hard to shut. The floors may even start to slope or sag. These are signs that your home needs foundation repair. At Basement Masters Waterproofing, our team of professionals can inspect your home today. We are your crack repair team for the Virginia area.

Signs of foundation repairs can be inside or outside of the house. Check for cracks in the drywall and look for torn or wrinkled wallpaper. There may also be cracks in the floor or tile. In the basement, water may leak through cracks at the base of the walls. Basement walls may lean in or out. Outside of the home, check for cracks in the bricks and foundation. Your chimney may tilt or lean. In your garage, check for rotating or twisted walls or cracks in the brick. If you have one or more of these signs, you may need foundation crack repair.

Foundation damage could occur in your basement or crawl space. In your basement, hydrostatic water pressure can cause a need for foundation repair. This hydrostatic pressure involves continuous water pressure pushing outside of the foundation walls and basement floor. If water is present on your basement floors, water could be seeping down outside the walls. Also, you could have a poor drainage system. In addition, make sure rainwater flows in another direction away from the house. Check all of your gutters to make sure they are free of leaves and debris and that downspouts eliminate water at least 10 feet away from the foundation walls.

Foundation Crack Repair Solutions in Virginia

What causes foundation problems? There are many elements that cause foundation and structural damages. As a homeowner, knowing and understanding what is causing your foundation cracks can save you money in the future. Foundation failure may be caused by evaporation and poor water drainage. When the weather is hot and dry, soil pulls away from the foundation. This causes a moisture imbalance in the settlement which results in cracks throughout the structure.

Another reason for foundation failure may be due to poor drainage. Improper drainage can lead to an overabundance of moisture. This causes soil erosion and expansion. Poor soil conditions and poor building site preparation can also play a major role in causing a need for foundation repairs. At Basement Masters Waterproofing, we use the correct foundation repair system to solve your foundation problems.

How Do We Fix Your Foundation Repairs?

concrete crack repair solutionAt Basement Masters Waterproofing, we use different foundation repair solutions to fix your foundation. We offer epoxy injections, underpinning, and carbon fiber to repair your cracks.

Epoxy injections are a fast and economical process. Your home may need an epoxy injection if it has a wall crack. Wall cracks can be a result of concrete shrinkage, exterior inward pressure expanding and contracting soil, or improper backfill during construction. Epoxy injections actually strengthen the crack to eliminate all leaks. At Basement Masters Waterproofing, we provide a 10-year warranty on our crack injection repairs.

Carbon fiber repair is another great foundation repair solution. Carbon straps permanently repair foundation wall cracks. Our team partners with Emecole and Fortress Stabilization Systems who have introduced carbon fiber straps. The hybrid grid strap system consists of strong carbon fibers woven together. Carbon fiber is a new, popular alternative for fixing wall cracks in residential and commercial applications. This process helps with cracks, as well as, bowing and leaning walls. Carbon fiber is rust-free, strong, stable, and safe. Most repairs are finished in one day without excavating your home.

Basement Masters Waterproofing is reliable and committed to serving our customers with the best service in Virginia. We can waterproof your home and repair your foundation. For reliable service, let our foundation crack repair team come to your aid. Contact us today for a quote!


This post was originally published on 10/8/2013 and updated on 3/3/2022 for accuracy and a larger scope of information.

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