Techniques For Cleaning and Repairing A Flooded Basement

Date May 4, 2022

Basement flooding. It’s an awful thing to have to go through, both for your home and your pocketbook! There is no easy way to go about cleanup and repairs from basement flooding, however, there are some tips below for helping go about it as efficiently and safely as possible.   If you have experienced a...


Mold Growth In Your Home And How To Identify Mold Growth

Date April 26, 2022

Are you worried about the possibility of mold in your home? If so, you might be wondering what the signs of mold growth are. Read this article to learn about these signs and how to recognize mold. If you suspect mold, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to get rid of...


Watch Out! Top 5 Signs Of Basement Fungus That Should Be Removed

Date January 25, 2022

Believe it or not; every Fungus is a Mold, but not every Mold is a Fungus! Both are members of the fungi kingdom. Although Fungus can be seen without a microscope, Mold cannot. Mold causes a change in color and a cottony or hairy surface. Both are found in your basement since a damp wall...

Categories: Mold Growth


Watch Out For Mold and Mildew This Winter!

Date November 30, 2021

Mold growth and mildew are not just summer afflictions. In fact, mold and mildew are intensified during the winter months, especially in Virginia. As the weather gets cooler and wetter, homeowners tend to lock down their homes to keep warm air inside; and if a home has energy-efficient treatments, it is heavily insulated and traps...

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