The ability of residential and commercial buildings to stand the test of time depends on how well they are prepared for the factors that cause them to deteriorate. One very effective defense against these factors is a high-quality waterproofing system installation. 


Image of deteriorating concrete depicting common problems waterproofing can fix

Having poorly installed or low-quality waterproofing is a recipe for future trouble. Not only can extensive damage occur to your structure, but it also leads to the expensive repairs needed to fix it.


Poor waterproofing will be completely ineffective at stopping water from seeping into the house’s structure. This includes just about all of the DIY options you have available to you from online videos or articles explaining how to run to your local hardware store and put together a homemade system.

On the other hand, professional and appropriately installed waterproofing can protect against these common problems for many years to come:


  • Hydrostatic pressure is a top cause of this, and the intruding moisture breaks down the house from the outside in. 
  • “Concrete cancer” occurs when your building doesn’t have enough concrete covering the steel reinforcement bars. It can also be caused by water seeping through cracks in the concrete, causing the steel to rust and break down the concrete.
  • Waterproofing failure can also cause the growth of mold and mildew on structural surfaces. Mold and mildew leads to a drop in indoor air quality which can pose serious respiratory issues for individuals with mold spore allergies. 
  • As simple as leaks might seem, they are another issue that gets by without waterproofing. Leaking structures can pose a threat to their inhabitants that only quick action can prevent.


Most issues your home may have with intruding water can be remedied with waterproofing if noticed early enough. Ordering professional waterproofing services can repair any damages that arise from poor waterproofing workmanship, a lack of waterproofing maintenance, or even the wrong choice of membranes. If the damage has extended too far and resulted in foundation damage, there are solutions that can correct these issues as well. 


Remedial waterproofing services can offer regular checks for your buildings for leaks, whether from plumbing, drainage, irrigation systems, maintenance of waterproofing seals, and installing certified waterproofing membranes and applicators. They can also ensure that your terms of warranty for these products are met. 


Basement Masters Waterproofing is an expert in waterproofing solutions in the state of Virginia. Be sure to get in touch with them at (571) 350-8292 for the best waterproofing solutions for current and upcoming projects.

This post was originally published on 8/18/21 and updated on 5/10/2022 for accuracy and a larger scope of information.

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