Why-You-Might-Get-Water-In-The-Basement-And-How-To-Prevent-ItWet Basements in Virginia

Does your basement begin to flood during a heavy rainstorm? Does your basement have a mold or mildew odor?

In Virginia, heavy rainfalls are frequent during spring. These heavy rainfalls can cause the walls of your basement to undergo heightened stress from hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure increases as the surrounding soil become saturated with rainwater. This causes excess moisture to push against the foundation wall and cracks to form, so the more water, the higher the pressure! If you have water in the basement in Virginia, we can install interior and exterior water drainage systems to protect the foundation of your home from hydrostatic pressure and other problems caused by intruding moisture.

Interior drainage systems are one of the most essential residential waterproofing systems used for moisture control. This type of system keeps water from surrounding your foundation and is less expensive than exterior waterproofing. When installing an interior drainage system, a perforated drain pipe is placed inside the perimeter of the house. The concrete around the slab edge is removed and replaced, and a drain pipe is installed underneath the foundation. This system connects to a sump pump system, so make sure your sump pumps are updated! (If your sump pump is not properly working, we can install a new sump pump.) Mold and mildew problems and unsightly water on the basement floor can be eliminated by installing an interior drainage system.

Unfortunately, this system does not eliminate water seepage if your basement has cracking walls. All wall cracks need wall vapor barriers with a sub-floor drainage system. Keeping your home protected is important since it is most likely one of your largest investments. If you have water in the basement in Virginia, our professional team can help you with your interior drainage.

Do you have leaves or other organic debris in your gutters? If so, water will eventually find a way into your basement without the gutters to help redirect it a safe distance away. At Basement Masters Waterproofing, we use exterior drainage systems to keep your basement dry and eliminate hydrostatic pressure issues. Water collects around the foundation, causing moisture to be transferred from the outside to the basement. We can install a customized exterior drainage system to keep your family safe and protect your home from water damage.

Northern Virginia Waterproofing

Basement Masters Waterproofing can help you understand and identify the signs of future water problems.

Common water problems include:

  • Bowing and leaning walls
  • Basement mold and mildew
  • Wall cracks
  • Water leakage through cracks
  • Cracked floors
  • Water stains on floors and walls
  • Malfunctioning sump pumps

If your home is showing any of these signs of intruding moisture, call our Northern Virginia waterproofing team. We can install a proper interior and exterior drainage system to allow excess water to be driven away from the house. We are your wet basement service provider in Virginia. We also repair bowing walls, wet crawl spaces, wall cracks, and leaning walls. Basement Masters Waterproofing has over 25 years of waterproofing experience. Unlike other companies, we provide quality, reliable service. Contact us today for a no-cost evaluation!

This post was originally published on 10/14/2013 and updated on 10/28/2021 for accuracy and a larger scope of information.

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