winter waterproofingYes! You Can Waterproof A Basement In The Winter!

If you live in Warrenton, Front Royal, Ashburn, VA, or any of the surrounding areas in Northern Virginia you may be thinking that the window for waterproofing your basement has passed until April. The truth is there is never a bad time for basement waterproofing. Even if the ground is frozen, your basement can be susceptible to leaking and water damage.

If you wait until the spring to have your basement waterproofed, you may be gambling with the well-being of your building, belongings, and family. Your foundation can be damaged during the time you wait for the weather to get warmer.

Winter Weather, A Recipe For Disaster

The winter in this area is perfect for damaging a foundation. It’s wet, homes may be older, and the temperatures can bounce between sub-zero and warm (sometimes in the same day!) If your basement isn’t protected with a waterproofed foundation, you may find your home invaded by water leaks and damaged walls. Even if nothing happens during the winter, you may have an unpleasant surprise when the warmer months roll around.

As we’re sure you’ve noticed, the weather has been…odd…the last few years. Extreme cold temperatures, followed by unseasonably warm temperatures; large snow amounts, torrential rainfalls; you name it, our winters have had it, it seems. A constant freeze/thaw cycle can wreak havoc on your foundation as the soil continually shrinks and expands, putting tremendous pressure on your foundation walls.  This fluctuation can widen existing cracks, cause new ones and open joints, allowing water into your basement. In addition, your gutters and downspouts can freeze, causing ice jams and water to not drain properly away from the foundation.

Waterproof Before the Spring Thaw

Waterproofing in Maryland by Basement Masters WaterproofingWhen the spring arrives and the ground begins to thaw, it may leave a gap between your foundation and the soil. This gap can allow water to enter your foundation more easily. If your basement isn’t already waterproofed, the water can invade your basement, weakening supports, damaging furniture, and promoting mold and pest infestations. The foundation, already weakened by the freeze/thaw cycle of the winter, won’t stand a chance against the spring rains.

Fortunately, the waterproofing experts at Basement Masters Waterproofing can perform any repairs you need any time of year. They can repair cracks, install drainage systems and sump pumps, and any other waterproofing repairs your home may need.

The winter is usually a slower time for contractors, so you may have an easier time of scheduling than during the busier periods of the year.  If you wait until warmer months, you may have to wait a while to get a contractor in to perform repairs. In the meantime, you will have to take care of your wet basement until they can get there. Beat the rush and get your waterproofing done now, before you have to wait in line.

Rain and Snow Occur Every Year

People always seem to be surprised when their basements flood or leak. We know that it snows and rains all the time, but we don’t take into account that our foundations can weaken over time. Be proactive and protect your investment and family before you have foundation damage and water-logged possessions. Contact the waterproofing experts at Basement Masters Waterproofing for all your foundation repair needs in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the surrounding area.


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