Avoid-Basement-Flooding-With-Interior-Exterior-Waterproofing-ServicesWith flooding can come property damage, including that of your home’s structure. No homeowner wants to be stuck with a flooded home and would prefer to have had a solution in place before there is nothing left to do about it but assess the damage and clean up. There are interior and exterior waterproofing services available to you to greatly increase your chance of being able to avoid basement flooding, like the ones we provide here at BMW!

If it is too late, however, we have listed some flooding debris removal safety tips below addressing how flooding can damage your home and the best approach to take to avoid the dangers that also rush in with the floodwaters:


  1. Flooding can cause erosion powerful enough to bring down power lines! Be sure before reentering your home that none of these dangers exist around the perimeter.
  2. Electrical wiring may have become broken or frayed inside your home from such a situation. Be sure to stay far from outlets and wiring, and have an electrician take a look for any threats.
  3. If your appliances such as a refrigerator, HVAC system, water heater, etc. have become compromised by the flooding, abstain from using them before they can be inspected to prevent fires.
  4. Drying out the inside of your home and wet belongings as soon as possible is essential for inhibiting mold growth that can begin growing as soon as 24 hours!
  5. Having your septic tank inspected for clogging or well-water system inspected for sediment contamination after a flood is essential for the safety of your family. Remaining floodwaters can be contaminated with fecal matter and accompanying diseases.


If your home has been affected by flooding, we hope you utilize these safety tips to prevent unwanted problems and injuries. Contact us, your local interior and exterior waterproofing experts at Basement Masters Waterproofing, for help with giving water a way out of your home before it becomes too much and too late. Avoid basement flooding now, don’t get stuck having to remove debris from your home or others that may accumulate or damages that may result!

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