Egress Window Installation in Virginia

Egress Window Installation VirginiaIf you are wanting to remodel your basement to add some much-needed living space for your family, you are going to need to add an egress window. An egress window is a below-ground window that not only brightens up a dark basement but provides a necessary life-saving escape for emergency situations. If you add a bedroom, office space, or another type of living environment, an egress window will be your number one concern. A call to Basement Masters Waterproofing will help you design a plan for the placement of the window and be sure it meets all the codes for your area. With the design, the team will plan out the egress window well, also. Having a professional from Basement Masters Waterproofing on the job will ensure that your egress window will do as it should.

A member of Basement Masters Waterproofing will help you choose the best location for your egress window. You want the window placement to offer the best possible light, while not totally changing the exterior look of your home. Some other obstacles you may need to consider are any buried utilities near where you want to place the window, landscaping, and indoor wiring and ductwork located in the walls. As the plans are drawn up, your window opening may need a header for support. The window size should be big enough for an adult person to crawl through safely. The window needs to be operational from the inside without any keys or tools and should open fully into the floor area. The well should hold a permanently affixed ladder or steps to climb out to safety.

Window Well Repair and Egress Window Installation in Virginia and Northern Virginia

An egress window is an important investment in your home, so maintenance is critical. Since it is an underground installation, good drainage and waterproofing will be a necessity. You do not want the window well to become a fishbowl because of poor drainage. This will also lead to water in the basement. Be sure any cracks are repaired before the window is set in place. Hiring a professional from Basement Masters Waterproofing will give the technical expertise needed for the job. They will know the requirements and codes for your area. You will be glad you made the decision to have a properly installed egress window to your home.

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