Leaning Wall Repair in Virginia

leaning wall repairLeaning or bowed basement walls can be an intimidating sight in any home. If a wall in such a condition is left unrepaired for long, it could pose a serious threat to the safety of your home and your family. Luckily, the team at Basement Masters Waterproofing are experts in leaning wall repair for Virginia homeowners, along with many other services that will improve the stability of their home.

Bowed or leaning walls are a dangerous problem that could be caused by hydrostatic pressure pushing on the foundation walls from outside of your home. When this pressure builds, water pushes against the walls and eventually becomes more than the walls can handle on their own. This problem may also be caused by the expanding or contracting of soil that occurs during seasonal changes and extreme situations like a drought or flood.

Leaning Walls Options by Basement Masters Waterproofing

One solution that Basement Masters Waterproofing offers to fix your leaning walls is to install a wall anchor. Wall anchors work by applying opposite tension on the bowed or leaning wall to bring it back to its original position and to keep it from moving around any further. They are installed by first placing an anchor into the soil of your yard. Next, a small hole is drilled in the basement wall. Then, a rod is driven through the hole and connected to the anchor that was placed in the yard. Finally, a wall plate is attached to the inside of the basement wall and the rod is tightened to apply pressure.

Some other methods that may be used to correct a bowed or leaning wall are to use a carbon fiber reinforcement or, if the damage is severe enough, to remove and replace the entire wall. Basement Masters Waterproofing has a solution for all of your leaning wall repair needs in Virginia. Contact us today for more information.




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