The-Process-Of-Installing-Egress-WindowsAre you contemplating a house renovation? We understand that improving the beauty of your home and increasing its worth is on your mind. However, safety is equally important. Here’s where egress windows come in handy. They provide light and warmth to your home while also allowing a safe exit in the event of an emergency.

What exactly is an egress window?

The word egress means “a way out.” That is absolutely what such a window does. It is commonly installed in a bedroom, cellar, or attic to offer an emergency exit in a fire or other tragedy.

Aside from this function, an egress window increases the value of your home by adding square footage. Basement egress windows act as natural ventilation, bringing fresh air from outside.

If you’re confident in your handyman abilities, here are some basic steps to guide how it works.

  • Dig outside your basement to install a code-compliant window opening with adequate framing and drainage.
  • To make a hole for the window, use a concrete-grade saw and cut outside first, then inside the basement.
  • Clean up the area and construct and install a pressure-treated box to fit the space.
  • Protect the framework and the window.
  • Fill up any gaps between the window frame and the basement wall.
  • Outside, create a well around the window while keeping local codes in mind.
  • Finishing the egress window with drywall wrap, insulation, casings, and trim from the interior.

Pros of Egress Windows Installation Service

  • Ensure the safety of a home’s inhabitants.
  • When properly designed, such windows bring both style and value.
  • Increase the square footage of a house.
  • Allow light and warmth to enter, especially in basements and attics.
  • They come in a range of colors, sizes, and designs.

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