Basement-Interior-Waterproofing-To-Stop-Moisture-IntrusionA homeowner recently called into our Maryland location with some questions and concerns about an issue with water in their basement. It was entering into their basement from the foundation floor and, naturally, they wanted to find the source of the problem to put a stop to it. After answering some simple questions regarding the nature of the issue, our team of interior waterproofing professionals simply scheduled an evaluation for the next day to come and take a look for themselves.

As it turns out, the home had water seeping up from under their basement floor in two separate places! This problem was active enough to be identified as needing some expedited repairs. After consulting the homeowner on the findings of the leak and where it was coming from, as well as the details of the repairs, the work was agreed upon by that afternoon and set to begin immediately.

To begin, the basement floor was cut with a jackhammer, creating a clean break in the concrete. Then, a trench was dug beside the length of the footing of the basement wall where the leak was found. A drainage system consisting of a perforated drain tile covered with a filter sock was placed in the trench that was previously dug. Once in place, the drainage system was covered with small drainage stones and settled securely.

The installation is designed to protect a home’s basement from water intruding through the floor. The drain tile system is not enough to stop all intruding water, however, and another measure is necessary to complete the waterproofing system for maximum effectiveness.

This section of the installation consists of high-quality wallboard being installed alongside the inside of the foundation wall of the basement. Any water flowing just outside the foundation walls will drain through the soil until it comes to the wallboard, following its pathway down through hundreds of dimples into the drain tile below.

Lastly, the water that drains away from the basement from the drain tile and wallboard installations is ultimately redirected to the sump pump machine. From this machine, the water is pumped via electricity out of and away from the home.

The homeowner reported a dry basement within a week of receiving their basement interior waterproofing installation with a sentiment of satisfaction. Our team was happy to help them raise their quality of life and increase the length of life of their home.

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