Major-Signs-Your-Property-Is-Not-Draining-CorrectlyIf your drainage system is not up to the task of draining your compound properly, you may end up having a massive repair bill, an unpleasant living environment, or both. A poor drainage system threatens the yard, foundations, basements, floors, and roof. That said, it is important to know the signs of a poor drainage system—even the less obvious ones so that the damage does not creep up on you. Here are three major signs that your property is not draining correctly:


Shifting topsoil


The soil in your yard has a maximum capacity of water it can hold. When it becomes waterlogged, it forms a slurry of mulch and topsoil, which may shift when heavy rain falls and end up in your walkways and other unexpected areas. Therefore, if you have to unclog your drains or clean up soil from walkways, gulleys, dips, or drain covers, you have a poorly drained yard. Without your yard drainage problems, the soil in your yard will not feel soggy even after heavy rains.


Standing puddles of water in the yard


Standing pools of water are a sure sign that your property is not draining correctly, whether or not a previous drainage system has failed. While sometimes it may be an ungraded yard, you will need to call in drainage services if it happens in the dry seasons. Above all else, the most common cause of standing paddles in a yard comes from exterior drainage failure. When the gutter and downspouts meant to take water away from the house fail, your yard drainage systems will fail, leading to standing water.


Overgrown or moldy crawlspace


A wet crawlspace will affect your home’s energy efficiency and affect indoor air quality. If you notice that the crawlspace has become damp or has become overgrown by mold, mosses, and mildews, it might be because your yard drainage is not working properly. Aside from eventually leading to structural damage to your house, it might also attract other pests like rodents or insects to live there. A properly drained crawlspace is supposed to be dry, clean, and properly drained at all times.


If you notice any of the above signs that your property is not draining, in addition to soil erosion, water pools under downspouts and gutters, soggy areas or puddles in your crawlspace, or wood floor warping, don’t wait until you have structural damage or deep puddles ruining your yard’s aesthetic. Call the exceptionally skilled landscaping experts at Basement Masters Waterproofing for top-notch yard drainage services and solutions at (571) 371-0960.

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