Gutter-Downspout-Installation-For-Excess-Water-DrainageGutters are metal structures usually installed along the eaves of your roof or along your roof’s dormers. They are tasked with perhaps the most important responsibility—draining water off and away from your home. If you are new to homeownership or maintenance, you may begin to wonder if they are an absolute necessity for your house exterior or they are just an aesthetic fixture.

While a professionally done gutter system is a thing of beauty with its crisp lines that can clean up the edges of your house, its true purpose is far from just beauty. Gutter downspout installation is done on homes with the primary purpose of channeling rain and stormwater away from the house to protect its structure, especially the foundation. However, with the rise of sustainable living and off-grid living, they are critical for channeling water to reservoirs.

Gutter downspouts are an important component of the whole gutter system. It extends vertically downwards from the gutter system to direct the water to said reservoir or trenches which then redirect the water away from the building. Virtually every gutter system operates based on principles of gravity, and while some may work to save the water, others opt to channel it away using trenches to nearby exterior drainage systems.

Sadly, most gutter downspout installation jobs end within a foot of the house. This beats the whole purpose of the drainage as it may end up making the whole foundation waterlogged! The appropriate way to terminate a downspout if you are not collecting the water is by using a trench. Some trenches are used to water the lawn, but the best exterior drainage demands that it ends in a storm drain.

Since there are no special mechanisms to push the water away from the house (except gravity), trench designs are usually inclined away from the house. To nail the trenches and redirect the water efficiently, you will have to map out the path of the trench before you begin digging. The trench must not block, alter water flow, or direct it to a neighboring property.

If you inquire for more information from your local professional trenching service provider, like us at Basement Masters Waterproofing, you can become aware of these requirements and more. They will also help with trench construction for the best gutter downspout installation and help you achieve your exterior drainage goals. Need to extend your gutter downspouts or update your gutter system? Reach out to us at (571) 371-0936 today for a free quote.

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