Basement flooding. It’s an awful thing to have to go through, both for your home and your pocketbook! There is no easy way to go about cleanup and repairs from basement flooding, however, there are some tips below for helping go about it as efficiently and safely as possible.


If you have experienced a flooded basement, you will need to begin by first cleaning up the items that will be most affected by the floodwaters. These items may include costly and harder to replace items like flooring, furniture, and appliances. Some techniques for cleaning and repairing a flooded basement include using a wet-dry vacuum and squeegee to both collect water and move it towards the drains.


Before explaining the details of cleaning up a flooding mess, you can read more about how to prepare for the possibility of basement flooding below.


How Do I Prepare For Basement Flooding?


Before the flood hits, you must be prepared to deal with taking action as soon as possible, and good news is, plenty of things can be done before flooding even strikes! If you store your belongings and other important items in the basement, a flooding situation can be especially challenging to deal with. Once many items become saturated, they can be irreparable, becoming ruined in a very short span of time. It is a good idea to ensure that your basement is protected from both moisture and intruding water of any degree before choosing to make your basement a location for storing items.


Additionally, your basement’s floor drain could become clogged or broken at some point in time that you might happen to be unaware of. This could be due to changes in the weather, such as fluctuating hot and cold temperatures or lots of flowing water from heavy rains that bring in debris. Another step to prepare for a flood is to make sure the floor drain is operating properly. If it is not working properly, you can most likely remove it by sweeping it up and using a pump for cleaning it out. Sump pumps are located at the lowest part of the basement and will pump out water after the flood. Whether your basement floods because of a burst pipe or a series of downpours, you need to prepare yourself for the worst. A city sewer backup is an unlikely yet pliable cause of basement flooding, among others. It’s not possible to prepare for everything, but the more you reinforce your basement’s protection from moisture, the better chances you have of recovering it more easily when something does strike.


Safety Hazards Of A Flooded Basement


While a flooded basement is undoubtedly an inconvenience, it can also be dangerous. Even if it is not dangerous enough to put you or your family at risk, you should avoid going down to it until you’ve consulted a professional. Flooded basements can have harmful health effects, including exposure to mold, raw mold, carbon monoxide, and contamination. Flood water can affect anyone, but it’s especially dangerous for children, pregnant women, and pets. Of course, a flooded basement is extremely slippery after the water recedes. Water in a flooded basement is extremely conductive and can cause electrocution if it touches an electrical outlet. Electricity can be a big danger, so make sure you turn off the main box before entering the basement. Likewise, it can extinguish the pilot light in a furnace or hot water heater. Similarly, standing water in a basement can cause an explosion and even carbon monoxide poisoning.


So, it’s important to have a professional come in and clean it after the flood. If you’re unable to fix the damaged area, it’s best to hire a professional plumber. While the plumber is responsible for cleaning up the flooded area, it can also result in sewage backup. In this case, the local municipality will send an inspector to assess the situation and repair any faulty drain lines. Also, sewage may be present. Putting on rubber boots and gloves is crucial. It is also wise to avoid touching your face, especially if you have an open wound. During the inspection, you should also be cautious to make sure that no water is flowing from your home’s waste water drainage system.


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