Wet Basement Solutions For The Homeowners Of Apple Mountain Lake, VA

If you are a homeowner in Apple Mountain Lake, VA chances are you also love the mountain views and beautiful lake. One thing you may not love is the shifting soil that can cause many basements in the area to leak. Basement Masters Waterproofing is proud to provide wet basement solutions and crawl space encapsulations to the residents of Apple Mountain Lake, VA. 


The type of soil in Warren County is a unique blend of limestone, sandstone, shale, granite, and greenstone. Apple Mountain Lake receives 4 more inches of rainfall than the national average which can easily cause sediment in the soil to shift and ultimately wreak havoc on your home from the ground up. Since our contractors are local to the area, we understand the specific solutions needed in order to successfully waterproof a basement. 


Repairing The Foundations Of Apple Mountain Lake, VA

apple mountain lake, VA

Basement Masters Waterproofing is no stranger to the crumbling foundations of homes in the area. We understand that some residents are gone for the winter and when they return they are welcomed back by leaks and cracks in their basement. Our highly skilled team offers multiple options for foundation repairs that are designed to help homeowners stay within their budget. 


Foundation repairs can be internal or external. Interior foundation repairs often consist of repairing cracks in the walls or repairing a concrete slab. External repairs are a bit more involved as they require the team to dig around the basement walls in order to put up a new one. When you have a professional from a basement waterproofing company take a look at your situation, we can give you an accurate diagnosis of the work that needs to be done, how long it will take, and what the process will look like.


Update Your Home With An Egress Window Well

Often times when a project calls for an exterior basement repair to replace an entire wall, our experts may also recommend installing an egress window well to bring older homes up to code. The addition of an egress window creates an easy exit point should you ever be trapped in your basement in the event of a fire. It also makes it easy to transport large heavy items in and out of the basement as needed.


If your home does not currently include egress windows, but you would like to install one, give our contractors a call. One of our associates will be happy to come out to your Apple Mountain Lake home and give you a quote after assessing the situation. 


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