What is a sump pump?

A sump pump prevents flooding and water damage in your basement or other ground or below-ground level floor. It consists of a motor unit with water-level or pressure-sensing valves that can pump water from one place and release it further away from your home. Sump pumps are underground and are often installed in an artificial pit (sometimes known as a “basin”) beneath your floor.

What is the Purpose of a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is required if your basement, crawl space, or other ground-level structure is prone to flooding or water buildup. If left ignored, water might do major harm to your belongings as well as your home’s infrastructure.

Water damage may cause warping, poisonous mold development, and weakening your home’s structural stability, whether via rot or foundation fissures. Installing a sump pump helps keep your house dry, undamaged, and mold-free, whether you’re dealing with floods, excessive rain, or regular basement wetness.

What is the Average Cost Of Sump Pump Installation?

The average cost of sump pump installation may be pricey, especially if you’re installing one for the first time in an area that hasn’t been prepared for it. While the standard cost of sump pump installation services is quite low, the cost quickly rises when you consider the cost of professional installation or, if you’re taking the DIY way, any components you’ll need to buy.

In general, anticipate paying roughly $1,200 for a professional installation. Expect to pay between $250 and $375 for a single unit.

Additional Cost Influencing Factors

Pedestal Sump Pumps

Pedestal Sump Pumps are the cheapest, with prices ranging from $75 to $200 per unit. They are made up of two parts: the motor and the pump. The installation cost is also substantially lower, with a high-end cost of roughly $800.

Submersible Sump Pumps

 When most people think of a sump pump, they think of combining the motor and the pump into a single unit. As the name implies, a submersible sump pump is immersed inside the basin, conserving space and decreasing noise. They’re designed to handle big amounts of water and should be completely waterproof and rust-proof. These devices have a shorter lifespan than pedestal pumps due to the submersion feature, and they are more difficult to reach in the case of maintenance or malfunctioning difficulties. This article’s unit and installation pricing are for submersible sump pumps.

Choosing between a replacement and a new installation

As all of the additional preparation work has already been done, replacing an old sump pump will always be less expensive than installing a new one. If you’re only replacing a sump pump, expect to pay closer to the unit price plus labor (between $200 and $600), especially if nothing else has to be replaced or fixed. Repairing a sump pump costs on average $475, with high costs averaging $550 and moderate costs averaging $400.

Professional Installation vs Do-It-Yourself

A DIY sump pump installation may be quite simple if you prepare properly. While you can install sump pumps yourself, we don’t recommend it unless you have prior expertise and are confident in your abilities. The expense of repairing any resultant water damage will much outweigh the cost of hiring a professional in the first place if your sump pump is not installed correctly or is positioned in the wrong area.

In addition to installing the sump pump, connecting the proper hoses and pipes, and testing the machine, you may need to prepare the “pit” or “basin” (where the sump pump sits and water accumulates). 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for Sump Pump Installation, we recommend hiring a professional than doing it yourself. It will be of waste and costly affair if not properly installed. If you are looking for experts, connect with Basement Masters today. We will be more than happy to help you with precision solutions to your sump pump problems. 

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