6 Yard Drainage Solutions To Stop A Soggy Lawn


Today’s subdivisions are built to direct runoff into easements and curbs, safely directing water to the community’s stormwater drainage system to avoid flooding that occurs during rainstorms. Unfortunately, that isn’t usually enough to keep your land from becoming marshy following a storm. If your yard, for example, lacks sufficient slope to allow rainfall to drain off, you may wind up with standing water that kills your grass, seeps through your home’s foundation, and even provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Obviously, addressing drainage issues as soon as possible is a smart idea.


  1. Subsurface water diversion


The tons of water that pour through the gutters and out the downspouts after a thunderstorm might cause flooding if they can’t quickly drain off your property. Rainwater can be securely diverted through a French drain, a perforated subterranean conduit that gathers and channels surface water, if this is the case. Low places in the yard, or a single spot, maybe prevent these streams from flowing to the storm drain.


French drains make moving surplus water from ponded regions to a storm drain at the curb very simple.


  1. Raise the yard’s gradient


The slope of your yard has an essential aspect in preventing floods in your yard since it controls where and how precipitation will flow. The slope of your yard should be 2% away from your house for an effective yard drainage solution —that’s a two-foot drop for every 100 linear feet of yard.


Water can pool in various spots or even back up along the foundation of your house if your yard doesn’t have enough slope, causing leaks and major foundation concerns. To aid drainage, apply dirt along the foundation and in low spots to increase the slope.


  1. Drain water from flooding pathways and patios


After a downpour, if a patio or walkway is lower than the surrounding yard, it might become covered with standing water, which can take days to dissipate. Those paved sections will be inaccessible till then.


Raising the elevation of a patio or walkway is time-consuming and frequently prohibitively expensive, but it isn’t your only choice. Storm drain channels are becoming more common to remove standing water.


  1. Protect the foundation


Flooding near the foundation of your home can be disastrous, particularly if you have basement windows and window wells. As they are below ground level, they are ideal places for water to pool and seep into the house.


5) Develop a rain garden


If low-lying portions of your yard are constantly flooded after a storm, try transforming these flooded areas into lovely, all-natural water solutions: rain gardens. These plant beds often fill depressions in the earth with porous soil and water-loving plants like ferns and Japanese silver grass.


A rain garden may be as large or as tiny as you need or are ready to take on to solve your drainage concerns. You can develop many rain gardens or direct water from one low-lying area if you have a yard with various flood zones.


  1. Create a dry well


If your property floods after a storm and the water soaks into the earth rapidly (within one to four hours), you could be an excellent candidate for one or more dry wells. Dry wells, like rain gardens, gather water in low-lying locations. Still, instead of being utilized to produce plants, the surplus water is stored in subsurface tanks and released gently into the surrounding soil. A grating at the top of the tank allows water to enter and allows residents to see the water level below.


Wrapping Up


You can stop a soggy lawn and turn it into a beautiful recreation space following these steps. Basement Masters is a group of professionals specializing in architectural design, structural and geotechnical engineering, design, reinforced concrete shell construction, structural steelwork, waterproofing design, and installation, and quality fit-out finishes. For more information, please visit our website or give us a call at (571) 371-0960.


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