Spring is the time for flooding in Arlington, VA and surrounding areas. As residents in the area learned last year, Arlington is an extremely susceptible place for severe flooding. If you’re new to the area or the flooding didn’t affect you last year, it’s important to know the steps to take after the flooding hits. You can’t always guarantee that the waterproofing system you have will do the job when the water is pouring in.Flooded apartment complex

So what steps do you take after a flood?

  1. Contact your insurance company. No matter what kind of damage your home has experienced, it’s important to document the damage in case your insurance company covers it. In many situations, standard insurance policies do not cover flood damage repair, but you can get flood specific insurance if you want to be totally covered. Make sure you take pictures of everything around your home before cleaning a single thing.
  2. Keep Yourself Safe. If you had to leave the property before the flood and have now come back, before you enter the building make sure that all utilities are shut off, such as electricity and gas. Also, make sure that you’re wearing proper protective gear, including boots and a mask to prevent inhalation of mold or other dangerous chemicals. Do not try to use any appliances that have been submerged in water or are still damp. Check your foundation and walls/ceilings for any signs of serious damage that could collapse on you.
  3. Call a Professional (Like Basement Masters Waterproofing). We are experts in basement waterproofing and repairs. If you have experienced damage to your home due to flooding or inadequate drainage systems, we can help. When you call our team, we will set up a time to fully inspect your home for damage. We will then create a plan that is specific to your home’s issues. Your quote is free.
  4. Start the cleaning process. Before cleaning, make sure you have documented all damage. Make sure that you are fully equipped to start cleaning, including protective gear for your face and hands at the very least. Floodwaters can carry all kinds of nasty diseases and trash, so it’s safest to wear waders and gloves.
  5. Dry everything in the home. Before you close your home up, you’ll want to make sure that each level is dried out. Bring in high powered fans, vacuums, and other equipment to ensure that everything is dry. Rip out anything that is damaged, including carpet and paneling.
  6. Finish Repairs. This is where we come in. After you’ve cleaned, we can thoroughly inspect your home for any lasting damage created by the flooding. We will develop a plan to fix it and keep it from happening in the future. We only provide the highest quality of services and products for your home. Give Basement Masters Waterproofing a call today for a free quote!

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