When Do I Need Sump Pump Repair?

Wet Basement Solutions with Sump Pumps in Virginia

When it comes to basement waterproofing, sump pumps are an important piece of equipment. These integral parts of the interior waterproofing system are used to pump out water that has made its way into the basement. The pumps are located in the sump basin, which collects water from the basement drainage system. Once the sump basin is full, the sump pump turns on and begins to pump the water out.

When your sump pump quits working, it is hard to keep your basement adequately dry. Basement Masters Waterproofing is the basement waterproofing expert in Virginia; we will determine whether or not you need a new sump pump and provide a solution for your wet basement.

There are several different ways that your sump pump can fail. The tricky part is determining if you need an entirely new sump pump, or if it can be repaired. Many sump pump problems require only a minimal amount of adjustment or repair work to restore them to working order. Other problems, however, are much more serious and may require you to replace your sump pump entirely. This is not surprising, as sump pumps are mechanical devices and have a limited lifespan. It is, however, a hassle for the homeowner. Fortunately, Basement Masters Waterproofing can provide you with a quality sump pump replacement for your interior waterproofing system.

Some of the problems that frequently occur with sump pumps include:

  • Frequent turning on and off: If your sump pump is always turning on and off, even after light rains, there is definitely something wrong. It could be a poorly adjusted float switch that is causing the pump to kick on so frequently. This can wear out the motor much faster than normal. It could be that your sump pump is not big enough or efficient enough to handle the amount of water that is coming into the basement.
  • Extended run times: If the pump runs for an extended period of time – at least several minutes – it means that your pump is most likely underpowered, either because of how much water it has to handle, or how far it must pump the water.
  • Failure to turn on when needed: If the pump does not kick on when it should, it probably means that the float switch is stuck or defective. This is a common but inconvenient problem for many sump pump owners.
  • Loud noise: Sump pumps do make some noise when they run, but it is generally a low humming noise and sometimes a soft thump. If there is a grinding or rattling noise, it is probably caused by a jammed or damaged impeller on the bottom of the pump. If the motor noise is unusually loud, it could mean that the motor itself is burning out.

Basement Masters Sump Pump Repair in Virginia

Sump Pump Repair in VirginiaThe Basement Masters Waterproofing team can inspect your sump pump system to determine the cause of the problems. If the problems are caused by a float switch getting stuck, or pipes becoming frozen or blocked off, then chances are, your sump pump can be repaired. It is not unusual for the float switch on a sump pump, especially if it is a tethered float switch, to become stuck to the side of the pump, failing to tell the pump when to turn on. Like any mechanical device, however, there are many problems that can occur within the mechanisms and electrical components. For any sump pump repair needs, contact Basement Masters Waterproofing today.

Sump Pump Replacement Options in Virginia and Northern Virginia.

Battery Backup Sump Pump Installation in VirginiaIt is important to note that sump pumps do wear out with age. Eventually, you will need to replace your sump pump. That is why Basement Masters Waterproofing provides quality sump pump installation services. Our sump pumps are top-notch; they will keep your basement dry during the worst of spring thunderstorms.

We also offer battery backup sump pumps to keep your basement dry when your primary sump pump cannot do it alone. These backup systems are a great option if you frequently experience large amounts of water coming into your basement. They will turn on immediately when the AC power goes out, or the primary sump pump is struggling to keep up with the amount of water coming into the basement.

Whether you need your sump pump replaced, or merely repaired, Basement Masters Waterproofing is here for you. Our professional basement waterproofing team can take care of all of your sump pump repair or replacement needs. Contact us today for more information.


This post was originally published on 2/18/2014 and updated on 2/24/2022 for accuracy and a larger scope of information.

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